Monday, October 29, 2012

Titus Slade

Titus Slade Touchstone

Born October 29, 2012 at 7:53am at 7lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long.

The entire process was fast. We walked into the hospital and you were born almost an hour later. Everything went smoothly except they had trouble finding the right veins to put my IV lines in so that part got me a little stressed and then the anesthesiologist hit a nerve when he did the epidural. That was what I was least afraid of going in and now the thing that terrifies most of any future babies. The entire C-section however went smoothly. Dr. Burley was amazing and I actually remember her making the entire surgery pretty memorable.

Hearing your little cry for the first time was so sweet. You have hardly cried since you were born so even that little cry was short but oh so sweet. I got to kiss you right away and then we went back to the room to meet your grandparents and uncle Trey. It all flew by so quickly.

We took you home on Thursday Nov. 1st after lunch. Your big brother Tabor was so excited to see you. He kept wanting to kiss you. He also wants to high five you & give you "blow up knuckles" all the time.

The first time we saw him make a fist and bring his arm back we were so afraid for you but when his little fist came down gently against yours and we heard the little blow up noise it made your father and I smile so big. He is so gentle with you and has to know where you are at all times. Good thing you're a good sleeper because he screams your name when he can't find you.

You've pretty much been on a schedule since day 1. You eat every 3 hours like clock work. You've gone 4-5 hours at night between feedings (thank you) and have made it pretty easy so far.

We can't imagine life without you already. 

We have been very blessed by you. You've had a few things come up that have thrown us for a loop but honestly so far you've been pretty easy and oh so incredibly sweet. We are so blessed to have such a perfect and beautiful baby boy. Thank you God for blessing us with more love than we ever knew we could have. We never thought it was possible to love another little boy this much. It is true that you do not have to share the love you have between your children. God really does bless you with that much more love when you have another baby.

You funny/interesting quirks so far:
Your witching hour seemed to be between 7:30-1:30am. You didn't cry the entire time. You fussed like you're trying to escape your swaddle or cried for a sec and then went silent as soon as we got out of bed to check on you. We had 2 nights of this and then happened to leave the light on which has seemed to remedy this issue. The light. Are you kidding!!! We will leave it on though if that's what you want. Now it is only a night light which you seem to be happy with.

You were allergic to disposable diapers. We had to go straight to cloth. We planned to wait a few weeks but instead you now look like a sumo wrestler because they are so big on you. We figured out you can wear Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers so hopefully when we take you out of the house now you won't look like a Sumo baby! ha

You have grown a lot though so it won't be long until they fit. At your 2 week checkup you weighed 8.8lbs and were 22 inches long. You're in the 97th percentile for your height. (You did NOT get those genes from your mama!)

You hold your head pretty well already but we forget that you cannot control it perfectly until you throw yourself backwards or forwards scaring us every time. You'd think we would learn! You are perfectly content with tummy time and will smile if we kiss your nose or lips.

I had to include this photo because it's a picture of Tabor beeping your nose. He loves beeping your nose, high fiving you, giving you knuckles, tickling your feet, rubbing your head and holding you in his arms. We can't wait to see you both playing together. You guys are going to be such great buddies. Thank you God for these beautiful boys. Thank you for a healthy and precious little baby Tabor. He has been the perfect addition to our little family. We are so blessed.

We have also been incredibly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank you to everyone that has made us meals, kept Tabor, prayed for us, sent us flowers and gifts, changed diapers and came by to meet our new Titus. We thank God for each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. Yay a Titus update!! Titus, you are SO SO many! He's the most perfect addition to one of my most favorite families ever....I love you Titus Slade!

  2. Beautiful pictures! What a precious little blessing. Such a perfect addition to your family. Love you all.

  3. Such a cute little boy. I love him!