Friday, May 14, 2010

A little Bird's Baby Shower Cake

I am in no way a Cake Decorating expert but my friend Sarah is!

So together we ventured into decorating a cake for our friend Stacy's Baby Shower! Sarah made a lemon cake filled with a melt in your mouth lemon-curd filling. Oh it was heavenly!

The bottom was decorated in white fondant and the top layer was decorated in yellow.

I made the Daisies out of fondant beforehand.

And stored them in an egg crate to help them dry with a flower-like shape (thanks to a Dallas bakery that gave me the idea - Panini cakes In case you need a wedding cake in the Dallas area I highly recommend them!) I did not ask to go to the restroom in order to check out their kitchen. I would NEVER do something like that. Ok fine. Yes I did.

As you can see Sarah did most of the work as I photographed her talents and sampled the non-P90X approved icing!

I shared my secret (Betty Crocker) buttercream icing recipe and on the day of the shower we finished putting the cake together and piping the icing around each layer.

By the way - yes I wear an apron now every single day. This one is Sarah's but it's only a matter of time before more pictures of me pop up - probably all in aprons ha!

I assume you want to see the cake now?! Ok here it is:

(By the way I should be studying and not blogging right now- oops)

Here is the Head Chef with her little Sous chef in training with the pretty cake:

AND here is the HOT MAMA (Stacy) holding her Baby Evelyn's cake.

Here's proof that I was the helper for most of the cake decorating process:

See who is holding the knife?! AND who is handing out slices...

Well while I'm showing you's the Diaper Cake I made for the shower along with the Birdie Cakeballs - No shower is complete without Cakeballs! (Not anymore anyway!)

Thank goodness Sarah's lemon cake and the lemon cakeballs were there otherwise I would've been tempted to eat the baby food in the diaper cake game we played. (Not really I just wanted to include this picture because I think it is funny)

I'm such a nerd!

If that wasn't enough proof - here's a picture of all the girls to prove it! Yes I am the oddball!

Stacy I hope you loved your shower! We had such a blast putting it all together for you and getting lots of presents for your little Baby bird! We can't wait to meet you little Evelyn Grace!

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