Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Mixer & Special thanks!

Well the Wedding Mixer was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making it happen! I could NOT have survived that week without everyone's help and prayers!

I've blogged about the Mixer on the TST site, but I wanted to show some of my helpers and give a special thanks to Marlene, Sarah, Richard, Ty, Jet and my Bible Babes!

Here's a picture of Marlene, Sarah & me at the event!

A big thanks also to Rose (from Ultimate Affaire) for the flowers! It would not have looked as good without them! If you know ANYONE that needs an Event Planner for their wedding, a florist or a decorator she is the one to call! (or email - I've linked it to her name)

Here's another shot with a better view of the table.

Thanks also to Veronica, my beautiful Bride-To-Be! I asked her to come and "Oooo and Awww" at my table so that others would hear how great our Cakeballs were and they would come over and place an order!

Here she is showing everyone how much she loves them!

Veronica I had to include this picture too! It was way too cute to leave off the blog!

I've got to give full credit to Sarah for the Purple flowers! Stay tuned for more of her amazing cakes to come! Who knows maybe you'll see a Sweet Sanders appear someday!

Table design credit goes to Marlene! Give her a few ideas that don't make sense and she will create a masterpiece out of it! If she wasn't there to help we would probably see Cakeballs on paper plates :-)

Look how much different it looks with the candlight and rose petals!

These are the same flowers I made for Stacy's baby-shower cake. I must admit I LOVE fondant!

Here's another picture of me holding a Lemon Cakeball.

AND for those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Mocha Head you will be happy to know that yes he was a part of the event too. Thanks Ty for packing him along with all the Cakeballs!

Again, thanks to everyone for all of their help!

Sarah came over to help on her day off and ended up staying until midnight that night. Her hubby Richard joined us later and brought everyone dinner- Thanks Richard! He even brought Ty dinner for when he got home from singing at chruch and laughed when he tried to store it in the fridge because it was packed full of Cakeballs!

Sarah thanks also for rolling hundreds of Cakeballs, making a lot of my cakes and even dipping hundreds of the ones you rolled! I even owe Richard a thank you for rolling!! Thanks also Sarah for giving up your entire Saturday and being such a great spokesperson for The Sweet Touch! I was so tired that it was awesome how you interacted and networked with everyone at the event! Thank also for your encouragement and friendship!

Jet thanks for coming over every single night before the big wedding order! Thanks for making boxes with Ty and for solving the "Hanging Tag Dilema". Once I get pictures back from the wedding I will show you the tags that were printed by Ty & Jet and then hand cut by Jet.

Marlene thank you for rolling, for dipping, for researching, for discussing, and for keeping me sane through this entire process. Thanks to you and Tim for coming over at the last minute and helping me put all the cakeballs in their cups before Casino night and thank you Marlene for helping me with my Corporation license and my Business Plan (which everyone will see once we finish) and for coming to all my events!

Thanks to my Bible Babes Rachel, Stacy, Kenzie, Lysken, Kelly and Veronica (even Marley)! Thanks for rolling balls while we talk about our wonderful God! Rachel thanks for baking my cakes a few weeks back so I could catch up on schoolwork and take a test and Marley thanks for licking the bowl!

Thanks also to my parents, sister and all of you for the much-needed prayers! Thanks also to Erica and Kimberly for being so patient and encouraging!

And finally, thanks to my wonderful husband. Ty thank you for putting up with ZERO food in the fridge, me working through the night, and all my crazy stress. Thank you for staying up late with me to help make boxes, roll balls, cut ribbon and all the millions of things you do around the house even after you've had a long day at work followed by a 4 hour study session. I don't know what I would do without you!

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