Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Danilo in Cali

Danilo is here visiting from Italy. We've had a blast with him here!

Here are a few things that he's done:

Eaten Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blueberry muffins & his new favorite BAGELS for breakfast!

Visited Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan, Venice & Santa Monica Beach

This is Hermosa Beach (for you non-so-cal-ers)

He has eaten & rolled Cakeballs. Danilo LOVES Cakeballs!

He has taught Ty to cook amazing Italian meals! Get ready for some dinner parties coming up!

Visited Venice in Las Vegas

Met the wax-version of Whoopie

Pretended to be my dad- cleaning the car windshield at every gas station - sorry dad you're famous for this!

Watched many sunsets while playing frisbee, riding in the car or riding the bike on the Strand.

He's tried Smores & fallen in love with them!

Taught Ty to make Risotto! (So excited!!)

Gone on an all-boy trip to San Francisco

Again, pretended to be my dad! ha!

The boys in San Fran.

I can't add a caption to all of these because I have NO idea what crazy thing they were up to in all of them!

He bought a new video camera at Best Buy and has made hundreds of movies (and saved them on his new external hard drive)

Walked 8 hours to see the Golden Gate Bridge

Taken pictures for Danielle (because I saw her on Cupcake wars!)

They froze on the Golden Gate Bridge when they finally got there!

They checked out the Painted Ladies...

HA cleaned the windshield again - these are all for you dad! (we'll know if you read this blog now!)

Ty & Danilo played frisbee in Manhattan Beach while watching the sunset.

Danilo pretended to be on the set of Baywatch

He walked & rode his bike with his cool backpack chair!

Ate at the Hard Rock (Casino in Las Vegas)

Toured all the Casinos in Vegas (this is the Bellagio)

Had a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Made a wish in the Las Vegas Trevi fountain

Saw pole dancers at the Hard Rock Casino

Swam at the Cesar Palace pools (nearly all 7 of them)

We are such "thugs" "dude" (some of Danilo's new words)

Got tan (and burned) at Cesar Palace

These are just a few things that he did! He still has 3 more days here. He spent the day in Hollywood & Rodeo Drive today and tomorrow after touring the Staples Center he is meeting up with Ty to see a Dodgers game and then out to party Downtown. (Danielle will be home sleeping ha!)

Here's a few of his videos:

This is the Mastercard Commercial Ty & Danilo made while playing frisbee on the beach at sunset

This video is of Jet & Ty teaching Danilo how to say "Like" and "Dude"

This blog/vlog will be updated as more pictures or videos become available!

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  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish ti be here with us!!!!!!!!!