Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Krista's Shower

I have to show off a few pictures from Krista's Bridal shower! Keep in mind Marlene was the one that thought up every idea! I just did what I was told to do. It looked like a shower from a Martha Stewart catalogue!

Sarah made the cake. (Her cakes get more and more amazing each time!)

Sarah also came over and helped me make the cakeballs! I couldn't have finished without her!

We played some really fun games and Marlene gave out really great prizes to all the winners!

Marlene, Krista & Danielle

Here we are about to play the Purse Scavenger hunt game. This was hilarious!

Marlene's food was amazing! Rose made the broccoli croquettes (which were delicious!).

The blushing Bride.

Bride & Groom to be opening some of their gifts!

Marlene happy that the shower was such a success!

Danielle counting how many children they are going to have based on the amount of bows that they broke.

And finally, the boys helping pick up. More like playing than helping... they used the pom poms as slippers and boobs. We had a good laugh.

All in all a very successful shower! Marlene & Rose will someday be famous Event Planners here in LA and Matt & Krista will live happily ever after come September!

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