Friday, August 27, 2010

Ty's VERY OWN Cakeballs

I made Ty his very own box of Cakeballs.

He never gets his own box of Cakeballs. He never even gets his own Cakeballs. He is only allowed to eat the ones that don't turn out perfect

These were special though. Made with extra love for my wonderful hubby.

They turned out pretty cute in my opinion.

In case you haven't figured it out yet...

The story:

So for a few days I hadn't been feeling well. (Our minichurch will agree since I was super emotional the day before I found out. Poor Tim didn't know what to do with me. One minute I had been laughing and the next it took everything I had to hold back an ocean of tears)

I had been craving chocolate & was super cranky (which is not different from any other month) but I decided that the next morning I would take a pregnancy test just to be sure. I was 100% certain that I wasn't but I just wanted to confirm. So I went to bed and set my alarm for the morning.

Well I woke up the next morning and quietly crawled out of bed because I didn't want Ty to wake up and I took the test. Which by the way INSTANTLY showed 2 lines. 2 dark lines that were very unquestionable. I looked at the clock then and realized it was only 2AM! I tried to wake Ty but he just turned over and didnt't even open an eye. So I decided I'd go back to sleep and I'd tell him in the morning.

Well I couldn't sleep! AT ALL! I prayed and thanked God that through all the things we've been going through lately that He could still fill our life with so much joy! We'd actually talked about that the night before and since I had been sad I had no contribution to a praise report and I had no joy to share, but God had other plans. I know that regardless of any trials we may face there is always joy to be had and this is a great example. A great gift. One only God can give!

Anyway, after I prayed I freaked out a bit and kept repeating "Oh God" over and over again. For about 3 hours. I finally got up and decided to go make cakeballs. I was exhausted but WAY too anxious to sleep.

I was finished with Ty's cakeballs before 6am! He was still asleep! I worked on another order I had and checked on Ty at 7am. STILL SLEEPING.

Finally at 8am he was finished showering & shaving and when I went to say Good Morning he was on a CONFERENCE CALL!!!!! I asked if he had a sec to sit and eat breakfast with me and he said yes. So as he ironed I said "Oh yea I made you a box of cakeballs since I gave away all the extras yesterday" He was excited, but since I was watching Friends while I baked he opened the box s-l-o-w-l-y because the show had caught his attention. It was torture. I remained patient though. When he looked inside he paused and with a HUGE smile & tons of excitement he turned to me and said, "WE ARE?!" I said YES and we hugged & laughed. It was great!

We prayed for our little poppyseed and then we both went to work. He did ask me to take one more test to be sure before we told anyone so I did. Guess what!?! It was still positive! We are going to be parents! SO CRAZY, EXCITING & CRAZY!


  1. YAYAYAY!!! I've been waiting for this blog for a while now! you're going to be the best mommy in the world. I can't wait to watch little poppyseed grow and grow and grow! Aunt mon is SO excited!!!!

  2. danielle! i am sooooo excited for you guys! Such a wonderful adventure, you will love every moment of it! please move back to texas so we can have playdates!