Saturday, May 28, 2011


Our life currently feels like the hit TV series 24 right now. It has been exactly 24hrs since the craziness began.

Tabor is currently on his first flight but unfortunately it is to go home to attend his great grandfathers funeral. Pop passed away yesterday after 88 amazing years of life. He celebrated his 88th birthday on Thursday and yesterday went to meet his Father. We know he's gone home and for that we are grateful, but it is still hard to deal with. Fortunately we are able to head home to attend the funeral. Ty is sad but so thankful that we're able to be there with his family and be there for his mom right now. We are BEYOND blessed to have the chance to be there. We have so many people in our lives that have helped make this possible. Thank you to our LA friends for getting us out the door, to Kyle for helping us with the flights at the last minute (your IOU gets bigger by the day!), to Trey for driving us from Dallas to Dimmitt when we land and everyone else that has played a part in the last 24hrs of our life.

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. We found out that Pop passed away around 4pm. We had movers scheduled to move our stuff to Texas (yes we are officially moving home!) on Tuesday so we had planned to spend the weekend packing. Instead we had less than 24hrs to pack up everything and catch a flight home. God has blessed us with amazing friends. We couldn't have survived the last few hours without Richard, Sarah, Gabriel, Tim, Marlene, Jet and Erin. You guys are the best and most amazing friends in the world! Thank you for packing up our house until crazy hours into the night and for coming over again super early his morning to finish. Thank you for taking jato the airport and for housing the homeless Touchstones until we leave LA in a couple of weeks. We have no idea where we'd be without you all! Thank you even for planning a surprise party for us and rescheduling it yet again. We are sorry for all the headaches we are causing but you have all truly blessed us more than you can ever imagine!

Since this is our first flight with Tabor we were a bit stressed about the logistics but fortunately at 3am we were able to switch our flights around (we were on separate flights at first) and we made it through security, gate checks and takeoff without any problems. Tabor slept through the entire process (thank you God!!) As you can see Dad & Tabor are both passed out. I can't sleep because I keep watching Ty jerk in his sleep and I'm terrified that Tabor will soon go flying and plop on the floor. Ha. I'm sure it's an unnecessary worry and I should just try to nap while I can. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing flight.

Here's a pic of my boys snoozing away!


  1. Danielle! I wish you would have called us! We would have helped pack!!!!!

  2. Crazy times make for good stories! Glad to help. Gabriel sends Tabor a fist pound. Love you guys!