Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parents of the year goes to...

Well not us that's for sure!

We did great on the flight & with all our luggage. Until we got to Treys house and went to set up the pack n play and realized we had left it in baggage claim. So Ty & Trey rushed back to the airport (Ty even called and they said they were open until 11:30), but when they got there at 11 the office was already closed!!

So here's Tabor's crib for the night. It's Treys laundry basket! It is small but it's either that or the floor. Wow! We definitely won't be winning the Parents of the Year award!

Good luck Tabor.


  1. ha! it's PERFECT and it fits him just right!!! You could also try a drawer (we slept in drawers in hotels when we were babies =) Padded, of course. He's so cute. love him! and yes, ya'll are fabulous've got to be creative when you are a mommy or a daddy!

  2. I totally had Liam sleeping on the floor at my parents house because I was too tired to figure out the pack and play that I was borrowing! I never realized that might have made me a bad mommy!