Thursday, May 19, 2011

My FIRST Easter

Easter 2011 started off with a sunrise service at Hope Chapel. Where Ty sang in the choir and Tabor, Marlene and Danielle sat in the car listening to the service. We had front row seats, ham & cheese crossaints and Pastor Bruce even brought the communion elements to us in the car! We were VIP!! It was nice to stay warm and dry (only day of the year it misted/rained had to be Easter morning!) and still get to hear Ty sing and the Easter sermon from inside our car! Thanks Ty for saving us a great parking spot at 4am!

Tabor's first Easter and he found 3 Easter eggs! Ok maybe his mom & dad helped him out some. Ok so maybe his mom & dad were the ones out hunting for the eggs while Tabor snoozed. STILL he got 3 Easter eggs! Way to go Tabor! (Thanks Anabelle for having us over for the Easter egg hunt!)

Here's the new happy family on Easter Sunday! Tabor woke up for pictures. :-)

We had brunch at Martha's with Jet & Erin and after a walk along the beach we met up with Tim & Marlene at Anabelle's house for an Easter egg hunt! We had a great Easter!

Tabor was even spoiled with his very own Easter basket! Thanks to Tio Tim & Tia Leney! Thanks guys! Mom & Dad LOOOVED eating his goodies! Tabor loves his little bunny too! Love how he's staring at his basket!

The stare down. We had lots of fun playing with Tabor during his wake time!

Then Uncle Jet and Aunt E came over and T-bo fell asleep on his uncle. Yes very Baby-unwise, but we didn't mind him getting spoiled on Easter.

We had a great day of praising God!

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