Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun photos

Monica is taking some pretty amazing pictures with her new lens so she asked if Tabor wanted to be her model since John, Braidy and Quin had all had their turn. :)

We went over there early one morning, but mom couldn't get her act together so we didn't show up until it was already time for Tabor to take a nap. oops!

Monica still managed to get some cute pics. We'll be trying again soon. I can NEVER have too many pics of T-bo!

Thanks Mon for taking these great pics! Can't wait to do it again when he's a little more lively!

"What are all those flashing lights?"

"Ok I'll cooperate for a second - is this a big enough smile?!"

"QUIN! Get out here and save me!"

"I'm bored. It's my naptime."


  1. wow!!!!!!!!! tabor you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too cute!! Oh I want to squeeze his little cheeks!

  3. Daniel! I can't wait to meet him! So adorable

  4. These pictures are awesome (and so is Tabor!!