Friday, July 29, 2011

The Hat

When I found out we were having a boy the only thing I could think of was how girl clothes was so much cuter. Well... that was before I discovered hats!

Only problem doesn't show my same excitement.

I was shopping with my mom and found a super cute hat. I couldn't wait to put it on Tabor and take some pics.

First pic...the hat:

Here's a few more pics from his mini little photo sesh. (next time I need a helper to get him to smile!!)

He loves to eat his hands

I'm pretty sure he's being a smartalec in this picture. I said smile and he did this.

He was going for "pensive" (yes I'm quoting a movie)

Tabor and his best friend...his tongue

He's totally thinking..."Mom I love my new hat."

Having a conversation with a butterfly that few by.

"Mom can I roll over yet?!"

"I love my blankie" aka burp cloth

Yes I'm that annoying mom that has to add a caption to everything. As if buying him a newsie hat wasn't obnoxious enough. Sorry Tabor.

What did Ty have to say to all of this?


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  1. You need to enter one of his pictures in a contest. Number one, you take great pictures; number two, you have a great model :-)