Monday, March 5, 2012

11 Months

Happy 11 months Tabor!

I can't believe you are 1 month away from your first birthday. It seems like just yesterday you were a newborn and now you can't sit still and life gets more and more interesting every single day!

You stand up ALL the time. If there is anything that you can pull up will. You slide down into the splits to go back to "crawling". Your crawl is still the inchworm finger and toes crawl. You do get on your knees sometimes but then back to your belly you go.

We're trying to move to finger foods. You were sick for a month so until now we haven't been able to start trying new foods but so far you've had pasta, cheese, bananas, chicken noodle soup, salmon, halibut, and rice. You love cheese and rice the most. It's so cute.

You have 2 teeth. Finally! You got one tooth a week before turning 11 months and the second tooth a week after. Your top two teeth are coming in quickly and you keep pulling on your ear so much that you made your ear bleed and we had to go see the doctor.

Your feet grew! You're a size 3.5! Yay! So we finally bought you new shoes. You love your new Pedipeds and so do we! They have grippy bottoms unlike your last ones so they help you walk!

You can go up and down stairs and you love doing it. Over and over and over.

Your favorite color is orange. Yes it's weird that we know this but you only play with your orange basketball in the bathtub and you won't let go of your orange stacking ring. You will stack all the rings in order but you will NOT let go of the orange one.

You've said a few words which is so fun to hear. So far you say: Agua, Ball, Gracias which sounds like "gasha", Mama, Papa which sometimes sounds like "apa", No, mas but sounds like "ma" (which is spanish for more) and Up. You have signed "please", "all done" and "more" but you don't do it when we ask you to.

You were afraid of the running water in the bath for a few days but thanks to dad bathtime is now a pleasant experience again. Of course you would behave with your dad!

You LOVE sand, dirt and leaves. You are without a doubt a boy.

I'm sure there's more but mom's mind is hazy these days. We love you so much dear Tabor. You are such a joy to be around and we love watching your little goofy personality start to form. You are a jokester and we love how you love to make us laugh.

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