Sunday, June 10, 2012

2K & 5K Family Run

We ran in a family 5k today. You could choose to run/walk 1K or 5K so while Ty & his dad ran the 5K (woo hoo go men!) Tabor, Baby and I walked/ran the 1K. We had so much energy though that we made it 2K and did an extra lap.

The weather was beautiful and it was a lot of fun. The cause was Human Trafficking through Trinity Church which Ty and I learned a lot about while we lived in London, but never realized how bad it was even in Texas. Crazy how you just don't hear about these things! So we helped a good cause and  had a great Saturday morning. 

The men did really well on their 5K and I pulled (or pushed) all the weight on my team, but it was Tabor & Baby Uh Oh's first race so I guess I couldn't expect much from them.

Tabor had fun watching everyone start the 5K. There were other strollers and even dogs there so he was in heaven just watching and waving to everyone.

Here we are after the race. Mom is tired while Tabor couldn't get enough of crawling around on the grass, stairs and later playground. The race was in the Vintage Township neighborhood where Ty and I now want to buy a house ;-) We really loved it there! 

Kapi & Tabor after their runs! Tabor kept us all running after him long after the race was over.

The men. Tabor is in training for his first triathlon with Kapi & Trey - ha! 

Tabor had fun playing Tic Tac Toe at the playground afterwards. We ended the morning with smoothies, showers and naps. (Tabor napped after drinking most of my smoothie)

That was fun! I'll have to find another family run to sign up for! 

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