Saturday, June 16, 2012


Trying to catch up on a few events that I missed blogging about over the summer...

We made a quick trip out to Dallas to see Jet & Erin when we found out they would be there for a wedding. It was a warm day on Saturday while Erin was at her wedding duties we went for a walk in the Dallas arboretum.

After brunch on Sunday we even played at the mall playground with Tabor. Not sure who had more fun! It was such a cool playground! Everything was soft and squishy and we had fun watching Tabor run into things. ha!

This was actually the weekend before Tabor started walking! 

We had so much fun hanging out with the Thiel's! We miss you guys!

While we were in town we were able to stop by and have dinner with Ted & Kimberly (boo to not taking pictures!) we had such a blast with them! Tabor loves his aunt Kimberly and uncle Ted! We also spent the night and day with Kapi and we had dinner with the Campbell crew. We love love getting to be with family and it seems like we are never in Dallas long enough to see everyone! Glad we did as much as we did! Ty even got up early and went water skiing with Scott and Cliff! All in all a super fun weekend!

Mama can no longer get a Starbucks without also getting Tabor either a "cunkin pan" or "agua"

Tabor loved getting to spend time with his uncle Jet! Can't wait until the next time we see you guys!

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