Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joyful Noise Music Class - flunkie

I've been looking forward to starting a music class that I signed Tabor up for a few weeks ago. They have classes for newborns and so I was excited to introduce him to his first music class. He loves to dance and sing. He claps to the beat and even learned how to snap along to songs. I was sure he would love this.

Well... yesterday was our first class and it was a total and utter disaster. There were about 10 of us in a circle and all the other kids sat in their parents lap while mine did everything in his power to escape the room.

We started with singing hello to every child. If I grabbed his arms to clap or feet to stomp he wiggled and pulled himself away from me.

When we laid them down and massaged them (yes they laid on their backs while we massaged hearts into their bellies or rubbed their arms) he was being pulled from his ankles with his arms outstretched and fingers clawing the floor as he tried desperately to get away from me.

When we put them in swimming pools and tried spinning them around he was balancing on his head out of the pool with his feet flailing in the air trying to get out.

When we held them and lifted them above our heads and to the floor - well this pregnant mommy had a 22lb weight that was fighting to get to the "ball" across the room. I have never been so tired in my entire life. It was the longest 45 minutes I have ever experienced and I PAID to go through it!

Tabor is not 4 months old anymore like some of the other kids in the class and he is not a kid that will sit still and let me massage him. I'm sure everyone thought he lacked discipline but I couldn't get on to him for not wanting to sit still or for not wanting to be massaged!! He's my kid! My personality couldn't sit through that either!

Every mom had a comment after the class. "we could try shutting the door" and "you must be exhausted" one even tried to make me a client by saying "you probably need a facial after that - I work for Mary Kay and I'll call you" well my responses are "maybe we could try switching kids for the class, yes I'm exhausted and here Tabor eat this Mary Kay card".

I pray they refund us our money. Otherwise Ty will be attending the class with Tabor or we will be losing out on some money because I can't and won't go through that again. If my kid isn't the next musical prodigy because he failed music massage 101 well so be it.

At least he can make a mess out of spaghetti and balance a spoon in his mouth:

He can shove an entire M&M cookie in his mouth in 2 seconds FLAT!

He can even remove his diaper and poop on the concrete before anyone knows what's happened.

Yes that's right! Tabor has his own unique talents!! :-) Music class can wait...


  1. Danielle, life with Tabor will NEVER be boring!' And don't give up on his musical talent yet. Many brilliant musicians have started out in an unconventional way. Just find another avenue for Tabor to express his musical prowess.

  2. thanks for the laugh. i can totally picture it and it makes me tired just thinking about it.....you can come play in the mud every week during music class and he'll enjoy it more...and it's free. sounds like a good plan to me! he will be expressing his creativity!

  3. This all sounds so funny! Although I know it was exhausting. Maybe something messy like finger paint would be better for now? Or maybe his music style is more rock band than classical. :)