Friday, June 8, 2012

and a baker is born...

If you haven't tasted the apple cake I make...well you haven't lived. Angela gave me this recipe while we lived in London and oh my gosh... it is wonderful. 

My mom asked if I could make it for Ilka and the fam as a gift so I decided to train Tabor (as I'm determined that he'll be the family chef someday).

He was a natural. I handed him a measuring cup, the ingredients and read the instructions which he followed perfectly. ;-)

He checked the firmness of the batter before adding the apples and decided it was perfect.

He checked the taste...

a few times...

and after adding the apples...checked the taste a few more times (moving from one finger to his entire hand) until he decided it was perfect. I don't have a picture of the final product, but needless to say it turned out delish and Tabor is now a trained baker.

He even helped with the dishes. Next I need him to learn to make dinner! :-)


  1. wow, good job tabor!!!! we have eaten when we are in LA and tabor was in your belly!

  2. Good job Tabor! Now please come to my house to make muffins. I have all the ingredients, but haven't been motivated to bake yet :)