Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fart - Friday Art

First Friday art trail is a new tradition in Lubbock and Ty mentioned wanting to go check it out. Well since he had a night off from his studies we thought we'd check it out. (He called it FART because it was Friday ART)

We started at the Buddy Holly Museum which neither of us had been to before. Tabor learned a lot of interesting facts. :-)

We even took pictures with his famous glasses :-) Ok or maybe with the artwork out front.

There were lots of buildings full of different art exhibits. Our favorite was one with watercolor paintings of Europe and another one of a Windblown Lubbock bird. 

There was also a photography exhibit of Texas Tech that we loved. Some art we just could not get into. Modern art that is either bloody, or a sketch that I am certain I could replicate just was not as appealing. Most art pieces were for sale and I am sure many art enthusiasts would think I am insane for saying that anyone crazy enough to buy a Campbells soup can sketch for $8,000 either has too much money for their own good or is mentally insane. (I don't care if it was sketched by Andy Warhol!)

These were some of the album covers in the Buddy Holly Museum. There are some funny song titles out there!

Thanks Ty for a fun family outing. Sorry I got tired of walking in the heat but thanks for filling our life with some culture (and for finding me some lemonade) :-) We love you for keeping our lives so interesting!

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