Sunday, July 22, 2012

Words at 13.5 months - 15 months

Sarah you've inspired me to try and capture all our "talking" moments. Mainly because they sound so funny now and I know someday they will be spoken clearly and I'll never be able to replicate his funny words. So I may not get them all down, but here's what I have been able to catch.

Huevo (egg)





I began writing this so I wouldn't forget what these first words sounded like and because there were only a few that he said randomly. It's been a few weeks since I started this and his vocabulary has since doubled and he will repeat anything you ask him to (if he can say it). 

So now instead of hoping to catch one word at a time...

Uh Oh, Yogurt, Banana, Bubble, Bebe (Baby as he points to mom's belly), Ow, Oh Boy and Bye:

Mama, Papa, Ball, Ya (all done), Gracias (in sign), Agua (water), Hi, and Bye:

Mama, Papa, Agua, Huevo, Cheerios (chee chee's), Nona (Flo), and Mas (more)

Ok now at 15 months here is the list we've got so far! He can say about 40 words and he's starting to string them together. Well only 2 syllable words and only 2 at a time and only randomly but it's a start. It is definitely exciting to watch how quickly this happens but it is crazy that our baby is no longer a baby!! We also realized today he will repeat nearly anything you ask him to say SO we are now watching what we say. Even if we don't say bad words around innocent "Dangit" sure won't sound cute coming out of his mouth.

All done, Ball, Gracias, Mama, Papa, Agua, No, Up, Amen, Oh boy, Oh man, Ok, Daddy, Hi, Hola, Nona (Flo), Ya, Buh Bye, Yogurt, Leche, Bebe, Ow, Banana (nana), Kiki (Ricky), Bubble, Thank You, Jesus, Kapi (Kyle + Papi), Titus, Boo (Anita), Chee (Cheerios), Go, Caca (poop), Night Night, Turtle, Cracker, Please, Mas (more), Eat, Comida, Ice, Luna (moon) and Gigi (Ginger).

I think this may be the kid we are begging to play the quiet game with soon. :-)

Here is my favorite video. Tabor says Thank you Jesus, Amen.


  1. I love his word we just need to work on "Aunt Mon"!

  2. Gabriel and I sat and watched every video. Hopefully he will learn some new words.

  3. Love them all!! Especially, "thank you, Jesus. Amen" and the way he says "bye" with that cute Texas drawl :)

    Although, if he was still in LA he would know how to say "Tia Leney" by now (I'm just sayin')