Saturday, November 3, 2012

The first people you met

Titus you're a very loved little man. Here's a few pics of your first time to meet various friends and family members. I'm sorry for those I've left out. There were times that people visited and we forgot to snap a picture. There were also friends and family that have been here in spirit and you guys count just as much! We love all of our family and friends so very much. Thank you for loving our boys and for blessing us all by helping out in so many different ways. We don't know what we would have done without each and every one of you.

First picture of Titus and his Mama

First picture of Titus and his Papa

First picture of Titus and Nona

First picture of Titus and Boo

First picture of Titus and Kapi

First picture of Titus and Kiki

First picture of Titus and Uncle Trey

New little Titus Slade

First picture of Titus and Aunt Mon

Gotta love sweet little newborn babies. So sleepy!

My boys all together for the first time.

Mama & Titus

Halloween at the hospital. The football fan, player and football. :-)

Aunt Mon having a girl's morning with me and cuddling with Titus

A comparison of Tabor & Titus at 10 days of age in the same outfit with their Papa!

Aunt Liz loving on Titus

Touchstone so cute!

Big Brother loving on his little brother

Uncle Trey being an awesome uncle

Papa & Big Brother having fun in the hospital room

Best Big Brother Tabor to Baby Brother Titus

I love my boys. I can't imagine life without these boys!

Mama getting sugar from Tabor (I needed this!!)

Tabor meeting Titus for the first time.

Great Grandpa Peepaw holding his newest great grandson Titus

Cousin Conner and baby Titus - a Fiji in training

Uncle Matt and baby Titus

Aunt Shayna loving on Baby Titus

Big Brother Tabor trying out Baby Titus' vanilla flavored "bobo"

Uncle Trey was so much fun to have here for Titus' arrival

First picture of Titus and Aunt BB

Aunt Mon meeting Titus' for the first time

Aunt Mon was our hero this day because she kept our sweet little Tabor while Titus was born so that everyone could be together to meet baby Titus. Something we will forever be grateful for!

Love how Tabor studies little Titus. I wonder what's going on in his little mind.

Leaving the hospital finally! 4 days was LONG enough!!

Big & Little Brother home together for the first time.

Even your buddy Quin loved you right away. :-) What a sweet kiss!

I love this picture too. Braidy is so proud to be holding you all by himself. You will LOVE playing with these boys!

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I am so glad I got to be a part of his first day(s)....such sweet memories that will be dear to me forever. My boys were in love at first sight just like their momma!