Monday, November 12, 2012

Sanders visit

We were recently blessed by a visit from the Sanders family. They came to meet Titus and Tabor & Gabriel were finally reunited. We really can't separate those two again! The first day or two was spent reintroducing them to each other. They were buddies again after that.

I stuck this picture of Ty & Tabor because I thought it was cute. Of course I had my camera on some random setting but thanks to Lightroom I was able to bring it back to life. I could probably try removing more noise from it but I liked the neat effect it gave it. I love my boys. Titus sorry buddy - you were sleeping!

Again, I had my camera on the wrong setting but look how cute these turned out! It helps that our models are pretty stinking cute themselves!

I love how they're holding hands here. :-)

Yes Tabor is covering Gabriel in leaves and Gabriel is thinking "seriously dude..."

Sarah got them cute little "future quarterback" shirts. They are so sweet! I love these little boys!

No day was complete without a guitar jam sesh. They put on a daily show for us. Tabor may have been the lead "yeller".

I love this! The boys in matching pajamas getting read a book before bedtime by Richard. So sweet!

Tabor watched Gabriel open their gifts. He isn't very good at opening presents ha. He gets distracted easily.


Oh Tabor...

They jumped on the trampoline at Nona's house and then Sarah read them some books.

More story time. These boys love to read! Gabriel's smile in this picture is priceless. I love it!

Titus is worn out from all the excitement. Aunt Sarah got lots of cuddling time.

We always celebrate a birthday when they visit. This time it was Boo's birthday. The boys helped blow out the candles on the cookies.

Storytime with Aunt Sarah. Even Titus joined in. I love his little toes in this picture. Aw I love all these people! Even Baby Hope is in the picture ;-)

Gabriel makes the cutest "cheese" face. He got to hold Titus and he even posed for the camera. The Sanders fam with Titus. Thanks for coming to meet our little man. We love you guys so very very much!

Gabriel and Titus. So cute!

Our 3 boys before a girl gets added to the mix. She is going to be so loved. Look how much they already love Titus!

We had such a blast with you guys! Thanks again for coming. We can't wait to come and visit you guys next! We love and miss you all already!

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  1. LOVE all these pictures! I just realized we didn't get many good ones of the adults. Oh well, it's all about the kids now. And if we ever forget, they will remind us! Thanks for letting us visit. Hopefully someday we can be neighbors again :)