Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tabor 21 month update


You are a chatterbox. Whether it be in English, Spanish or your crazy made up language!

You have started to be a little more shy when you first meet people, hiding between our legs, but you warm up to them very quickly and melt the heart of whoever you meet.

You love the Old McDonald Had a Farm song.  When we have finished bathing you and are fighting vigorously to get you ready for bed, we sing that song to you and you calm down instantly.  This is because you love to participate, even picking the next animal on the farm and making the sounds.

When you want someone to go somewhere you point to the floor and say "here" then you back up some and squat down and point "here" you repeat this until you have accomplished in getting that person exactly where you wanted them to go.

You LOVE to be outside. This has never changed!

Your new phrases are:
"I want this"
"Abcd please"
"um..." (in response to a question followed by an answer)
"I did it"
"Shoot the ball"
"Shoot the big ball"
"Good shot!"
"sit on potty"
"read book"
"mama let's pray"
"let's go outside"

You can pretty much repeat any word we say but you are still working on piecing them together in a sentence.

You can recognize every letter of the alphabet and tell us their designated sound. You only recognize capital letters though. We are now working on lowercase. You call out every letter you see wherever you go and make its sound. It's really funny because you are NOT quiet at ALL!

You know a few shapes (circles, squares, triangles (which you pronounce i-gangle), diamond, star, oval) we are working on heart for Valentines day.

You love to dance and play the guitar still. You have added the drums & maracas to your list of instruments.

You still love to throw balls at everyone and over everything.  You have even started saying "Catch" when throwing to someone, though you say it after you throw it.  Its a good exercise for us in "thinking fast".  Your absolute favorite is to throw balls in places that they intentionally get stuck out of reach, such as on top of shelves and tables or in trees and bushes.

You could shoot baskets in your basketball goal ALL day long and you make nearly every shot with whatever size ball and from wherever you stand. It's crazy!

You make really funny faces.  The old man face is an instant classic that everyone loves, and your newest is the "June" face, which is your very good attempt at imitating Christina and PJ's dog who has a very awesome under bite.

We are working on learning colors. At the moment everything is "green"!

You love praying for people. When it is time to pray you call everyone that is around to pray. "mama let's pray" no one is ever left out and then you always have prayer requests. The most common one is for "aunt mon" she is definitely covered in prayer thanks to you. This melts our hearts though. It is so much fun seeing you get excited to pray (even if it is because you know you don't get to eat until you do!).

Tabor every day is an adventure with you and we love that God blessed us as your parents. You are truly a joy and a blessing to love. Thank you for reminding us to stop and dance and thank God for every big and small blessing that comes our way daily. We love you.

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