Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating my words...

I'm eating my words and well...they taste like boogers.

Ok not really but 2 years ago I wrote THIS blog and said if this is what it took to be a good mom well... I would fail. Not that this makes me a good mom in ANY way. If anything it just proves that I AM a mom and now these things just are not so gross anymore.

Seriously if I can clean poop, pee and many other things that are equally or way more gross then sucking boogers out of my kids nose using my mouth really should not seem that gross right? Well wrong. It still seems gross and actually I bought this contraption only because the bulb was not working and it still sat in the box for a month before I got the nerve to use it today.

AND the only reason I was brave enough was because a friend said she loved it. So I tried it and she was right. It really is amazing. The concept is still gross, but it works really well. So today I retract my previous blog and proudly announce that I am a NoseFrida user.

1 comment:

  1. Not going to lie, I just watched the YouTube video and was a little grossed out! You deserve the best mom of the year award for that one.