Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Raiford's Construction Cake

I haven't baked in awhile. Ok in a very long time. I now remember WHY I don't bake anymore. It takes SO much time. However, that being said, I really enjoyed making this cake. It was actually probably the most fun cake I have ever made. It was like playing with toys instead of making a cake!

Raiford is Tabor's little buddy that he met at church and he turned 2 this week. So we took him this cake to celebrate. Lindsey said his favorite things were construction trucks so... here's what I made.

Everyone played a part in this cake. My mom went shopping for the cars (since it is hard for me to run errands AND bake) then her and Ilka stayed up until almost 2am chatting with me while I baked all the cakes. Ty printed all the signs that I made and went shopping for the chocolate rocks (which by the way are delicious!) and he helped me place all the decorations on. The chocolate boulders were my favorite part. (thanks Ty!)

Raiford was super excited when he saw it. He loved eating the rocks off of it and then LOVED playing with all his new trucks! Happy 2nd birthday Raiford! It was fun celebrating with you!

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