Friday, March 30, 2012

First Haircut (& lolipop)

I wasn't very sentimental about Tabor's first haircut. His crazy mop of hair was driving me crazy. Mainly because if one more person called him a girl I was going to cry! Yes yes he's a pretty little boy and we'll probably have handsome girls that will require super glued bows but STILL! He wears boy clothes!!

So although I knew he'd lose some of his "baby-ness" with his first haircut I was so happy with the results that I hardly missed it.

It took a little more convincing for Sarah though but when I pointed out that the mullet and long bangs over the eyes look was a little too long she agreed. So off we went for a haircut. Thank you Sarah for going with me. It was actually really fun getting to do it together.

Gabriel sat perfectly still and let them cut his hair easily.

Tabor watching his buddy...

My child tried to throw himself off the chair over and over and the only ways we got him to sit SOMEWHAT still was to spray water into his mouth and once he got bored with that we resorted to the lolipop. Which had I not had a death grip on would have been lodged in his throat immediately.

Tabor after his haircut

Here are the two boys AFTER their FIRST haircuts!

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