Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tabor's FIRST birthday PARTY

 Well the day finally arrived. We celebrated our baby boys's first birthday.

Tabor we had such a blast celebrating your first birthday! Everything went so smoothly thanks to everyone who helped out. 

I could not have done this without everyone's help.  Check out the amazing invitations Monica made:

Here's a few pics from the Little Man's First Birthday Bash!

The Birthday cake - thanks to Sarah we actually got this done! I was pretty close to ordering a cake from the grocery store but she saved the day!

Mustache chocolate pops. All the amazing labels, invitations, basically anything that could be printed was thanks to Monica's handy work. Again another life-saver! Couldn't have done this without you Monica- thanks!!

I loved how cute the water bottles turned out!

The sweets setup. Dessert is always the best part!

Our new family tradition. Everyone gets a giant cupcake smash cake for their first birthday and probably for each birthday following. They just don't get to smash it after year 1! ha

The mustache party favor cookies. These were delicious! I actually can't wait to make more of these soon! I think I prefer making cookies now!

Here's a close up of the cookies.

The T-shirts turned out really cute too. Again thanks to my aunts and Sarah who helped cut and iron these on with me. I was serious when I said I owed a thanks to a lot of people!

Here's a pic of all the kids wearing their t-shirts.

AND a pic of the proud parents with their little man. Yes we had fun playing dress up too!

The Smash cake was fun, but Tabor wasn't excited about having to stop playing to sit in his high chair...

He was even LESS excited to be covered in sticky stuff that his mom got on his hands...

Even after he tasted it he wasn't so sure that he liked this cake stuff...

Nope definitely not a fan! That's what we get for giving him zero sugar until this point.

The cute little birthday boy covered in icing and wanting so badly to be covered in dirt instead.

My sis got a great pic of the "after" smash cake (actually I think she took most if not all of these pictures- thanks Steph!!) 

Proud mama with her Little Man Tabor.

PART 2 - PLAYTIME - The kids had so much fun playing at Ready Set Go. Even the little ones had a blast rolling around on the mats and foam blocks.

The birthday boy crawling around.

Gabriel & Jake playing with the blocks. Jake had a blast under the half moon block. I think he spent most of his time playing peek-a-boo under it.

Even Baby Sawyer got all dressed up complete with mustache! You're so precious little Sawyer!

Aunt D with Gabriel. I love all these little guys so much!

A nearly one year old Jake posing for the camera. I wonder how he learned this with a momma photographer! Too cute!

The big kids had a blast swinging themselves into the foam pit. Gains was an expert in no time!

Sweet little Cape was off with the big kids the second he got the chance. Cape you are too much fun!

Brecken telling the guy in charge a story, Ava looks very entertained by whatever she is saying, Breken helping Crockett reach the ring as Braidy and Jake watch and little Denham plays peek a boo down below in the foam pit. I'm so glad these kiddos were able to help us celebrate Tabor's big ONE!

One of the biggest surprises was that my awesome aunt Agie did not come alone. She brought my beautiful grandma, one of my favorite cousins, another amazing aunt along with my sister and her fiance all along to surprise us. It was an amazing weekend. We will never forget it!

Getting him to sit still for a picture is nearly impossible but here is the birthday boy with his momma and again with both Ty and I.

Ty I think you should rock the tie look always. I love it!

Tabor and Gabriel climbing

Sweet little Quin crawling and blowing kisses at the same time. You're so precious Quinny!

Finally, when we looked up to see what Tabor was doing we saw a little boy nearly passed out from playing too hard. ha! I think we succeeded in making sure he had fun at his first birthday party! (Which for the record will take place at Ready Set Go as long as possible because it was so much fun and so easy for us!)

And finally a pic of the boys after the party with their cute momma's in ties and the boys in their matching shirts. :-)

Thanks again to everyone. Thanks to Bob for playing and watching the kids so Sarah and I could make the cake. Thanks to Ty's parents and my parents for all their help, love and support. Thanks to our grandparents for loving their great grandbaby so much and thanks to all of our friends and family that came and helped us make this day so special for little Tabor. We love you all so much. may not remember this, but we hope you love these pictures someday. We love you little man.

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