Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gabriel Day 4

Today was a great day! Much much better than yesterday. Gabriel woke up happy and you could tell he felt so much better. He couldn't eat breakfast or drink milk until lunch time so we continued with the Pedilyte regime. We had a pajama morning and went out for a quick walk because it was such a beautiful morning. The boys do so great outdoors. They love pointing at the birds and barking at the dogs. It's really cute to watch and hear them copy each other.

They both slept great morning naps and then we headed over to Nona's for lunch. She had Gabriel's toast & bananas cut up and ready for him along with Tabor's sweet potatoes & bananas. Nona you're awesome! The boys had a blast playing with Ginger and all of Nona's fun toys. We even went for a quick walk after lunch and then the boys took their afternoon naps. Gabriel actually slept better than Tabor because Tabor realized he could reach the window shutters and spent most of his nap opening and closing them. Our son is such a troublemaker sometimes.

Once they woke up and had dinner Nona and I went to Legacy Play Village where the boys played until they were worn out. They loved the wood chips and dug and threw them in the air. We came home and gave them super speed baths and they were zonked before their little heads reached the bed. Can't wait for another fun day tomorrow!! Thanks Nona for all your help & amazing meals today!! We love you do much!!

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  1. Richard and I are worried that Gabriel is having so much fun that he won't ever want to leave! Gabriel, don't forget about us!