Saturday, December 29, 2012

Titus - 2 months

Titus you're 2 months old! I can't believe it. It feels like you were just born but it also feels like you have been in our family forever. I already cannot imagine life without you. You are such a sweet blessing and such a joy to cuddle with! You smile and giggle so much and love to stick out your tongue. It makes us all laugh. 

You have changed so much in just a month since I last wrote an update!

You've nearly rolled over a few times by accident and you really don't enjoy tummy time. I will admit we should do it more but you just love your bouncer so much it's hard not to put you in it. You kick to make it bounce and you laugh when you hit a toy. It is just too sweet.

You weighed 13.25lbs at your 2 month checkup. You are already wearing 6 month clothing because you are so long! It was also the first time I heard you cry because you were in pain it broke my heart! You now have received your first set of vaccines and you are a healthy little boy! Praise God! The doctor made us wait 2 hours so your mom was a mess, but at least we waited in a private room and I was able to feed you. Then it was actually sweet because I got to play with you and have you all to myself. You fell asleep right before they came to do your shots and woke up when they stuck you. :-( You cried and then instantly fell asleep again. It worked out in the end that you were so tired!

I am convinced that you've said your first word and it's "hi". I caught it on video so your Dad now believes me also!

You're current eating schedule is 5:30-8:30-11:30-2:30-5:30-8:00 (I'm writing this here so I have it stored somewhere- you actually sleep better without the Dream Feed which is crazy to me!) So please keep up the 8-5:30 sleep and feel free to extend it ANY time! Your 9:30-10:30 "witching" hour is GONE - we are happy and sad about this because we actually LOVED getting to hold you as you slept! (I say witching but you didn't really cry so much as just refuse to sleep unless we held you)

You love to stick out your tongue to lick things and you suck on your fingers or your mittens when you sleep. Love it!

You can hold up your head really well, but you're still a little bobblehead. You sometimes drop your head onto our shoulders and cry. It hurts.

You no longer prefer to be on our shoulders. Now you like to be held facing out so you can see everything around you.

You shake your fist after you eat. I love this! Maybe your arm falls asleep!?

You're wearing size 2 Pampers Sensitive diapers and will probably move up to size 3 soon. We are also already using cloth on you.

Your double chin and rolls are so cute. (you look just like your dad did as a baby)

You giggle and smile a lot! The funny thing is your eyes usually stay so serious when you laugh. 

You also love to copy us. You will "talk" if we say "hi" and you will stick your tongue out if we stick our tongue out at you. It's so much fun to play with you.

Oh and you sleep better when there is TONS of noise around. You prefer a loud atmosphere while you are napping. Something we are easily able to provide. Thank you God for this trait! We'd be in trouble otherwise!

Titus you are such a sweet little cuddly joy! You are super laid back (so far) and love watching us all especially Tabor. (You are probably wondering when he will sit on you next but still you seem to love to watch him) You make us all smile and holding you is probably the best part of our day. It makes the sleepless nights and 9 months of carrying you SO SO worth it. You are such a precious baby and I pray for time to go by slowly because I want to enjoy every second with you. Happy 2 months sweet Titus.

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  1. Wow he is getting so big so fast!! Can't believe he's 2 months. I need to hold him and snuggle him again!