Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Baby Shower Extravaganza

The Twin Baby Shower that we made the cake and cakeballs for was AMAZING! Sarah and I were completely blown away by everything that they had done! The linens were made special for the occassion, the napkin rings were pacifiers, the center pieces were gorgeous and of course the desserts were to die for!

Here are a few pictures I took while we were there delivering the cake! Yes Yes you're going to finally get to see the cake!!

The napkin holders and pacifier game pieces were such a cute touch!

Check out the cookies and chocolate lolipops! YUM!

Yes that is a 10ft banner with pictures of the baby twins! Look at the centerpieces and elaborate tables!

I LOVED the favors that were lined along the sides.

Even the water bottles were personalized!

These babies were meant to be cakeball toppers, but the cakeballs were too small for twins!

As always the mastermind behind the decor was Rose at Ultimate Affaire (and Marlene's handywork is all over this too!)

AND NOW! The moment you've been waiting for!!!

Drumroll please!






Look at the detailed edges!!

It turned out really beautiful!! We're so proud!! Sarah our Master Caker Baker and her assistants Marlene and Danielle!

No party is now complete without CAKEBALLS! So of course I'll include them!

The blue and brown turned out really great! It's new! I love trying new things!

We were told not a single cakeball or slice of cake were leftover!

Oh and the babies did make it on the dessert table afterall! Just not on the cake. Sorry babies!

We were exhausted after this weekend ended, but we had a blast baking and decorating all weekend! We hope you loved sharing in our new Cake/ball adventures!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful friends!! We definitely had loads of fun making the cake. Thanks to Sarah and Danielle I received super-props at the shower (and people kept wanting to order cakes and cakeballs from me!!) I explained that I am just the apprentice and referred them to Danielle and Sarah. I am looking forward to helping with the ladybug cakeballs and the 1st birthday train cake!! I just LOVE my Baker Babes :)