Thursday, June 10, 2010

I heart Cake

Well we have another cake to show off! Marlene asked Sarah to make a cake for a twin-baby shower (extravaganza) and she of course asked for cakeballs too - I'll post pictures on here, but go to The Sweet Touch Blog to see more!

Before you get to see the cake though you have to see how much fun we had making it!

Please note: Nutella was used to make this amazing cake! The bottom layer was Chocolate Cake covered in Nutella buttercream icing. If you BEG we'll share the recipe with you! However, Nutella did NOT go into the cakeballs much to Marlene's disappointment. So she spent the entire morning reminding me that she loved Sarah more because Sarah used the Nutella in her cake. So we used the remaining yellow cake to sample a Nutella cakeball and well...let's just say Yellow Cake Nutella cakeballs will NOT be this month's featured flavor! ha! Chocolate Cake Nutella cakeballs however...just might! You'll have to wait and see though!

So Sarah baked all the cakes and then Marlene and I came over to help decorate!

She also attempted a mini wedding cake, but does anyone know how once the cake is baked we should get it out?! This was the cake we used for the Nutella Cakeball concoction.

We made Lemon Cream Cheese icing for the Yellow Cake layers.

I may have eaten a few fingerfuls of this! It was delicious!

We sketched out what the cake would look like! We were trying to put twin babies on top that had been purchased for the cake, but they were nearly as big as the cake itself so we made a few sketches of what else we could do.

The babies waited patiently to see where they would go.

Meanwhile Sarah & Marlene whipped together the Nutella Buttercream. I was probably dancing around the kitchen with icing on my fingers during this process. I was going off 4 hours of sleep, a double vanilla latte and lots of icing!

Then we all took turns icing the square chocolate cake. The final touch is always done by Sarah because she is the only one that really has a clue what she is doing! We call her MCB (Master Caker Baker) Not really but we should! She's awesome!

Here's the Chocolate Nutella Butercream cake before it is covered in fondant.

We rolled the fondant both for the cakes and for the decorations.

Each layer was then covered in fondant. (by Sarah) Marlene took pictures and I continued to dance around the kitchen with icing fingers!

Here I am!! Watching Sarah! Probably drooling over the fondant since the icing was all gone.

Ok! I'll show you what I was really up to!

I have to say that Marlene took a lot of these pictures! They turned out REALLY great huh?! My new lens +
Marlene = awesome photo!

We definitely learned A LOT this day! Like how much stickier chocolate fondant is than regular fondant!

Here's a picture of the very top layer!! The mini circles were a nightmare to make!

The baby blue round cake was the middle layer.

Before we were officially finished for the day though we started making little balls to go around all the cake edges. You'll see these in the next picture, but it will make sense once you see the finished cake!

Oh pretty! We still have lots to do, but the top 2 layers are finished!

We cleaned up as fast as possible because we had to hurry and leave for the Tim McGraw concert!

Next up...the Grand Baby Shower Extravaganza, but not without a few cake emergencies!

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