Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cake Fiasco(s)

Well a day in the life of Danielle would not be complete without some sort of fiasco. So it came as no surprise when at 7am I received a text and a picture that said "Noooooo!"

Here's what I woke up to:

That's right! We had left the cake in front of the window in our rush to get out the door to see Tim McGraw!

Please Note: Direct sunlight + fondant = sag & tear

We doctored it up and also had a few hours to finish the bottom layer, roll the mini fondant balls & adhere to the trim AND figure out what to do for the top of the cake. (Oh and make our first cake delivery!)

Well, we decided to make a bow and run long ribbon down the sides to cover the imperfection you see above. Although we did remove the circles flatten the blue fondant and recover with new circles it still needed a way to avert the eye from the slightly altered section.

I KNOW YOU'RE DYING TO SEE IT...hold on a bit longer!!!

Next fiasco. ALWAYS make a fondant bow the NIGHT BEFORE you attach it to the cake. Our poor bow collapsed on us over and over. Here is what it finally looked like (we also learned that people don't pay that close of attention to the bow so it was not THAT big of a deal in the end)

The dots were a late addition. We started using them to support the loops and then decided to place them all over to look like it was on purpose! We are so clever!!

Here's the not so good side:

Next post will have the final picture...I PROMISE!!

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