Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Piece of Cake

Well since we've had no proper Cake training the Engineer, HR Director, and Financial Planner have all signed up for Cake Class.

We are better known as the 3 Stooges to our instructor. We came to our first class VERY unprepared!

We thought we knew what we were doing. We bought all our supplies but failed to bring the other half that we thought were supposed to be left at home not "brought from home"

So off to a bad start, but after lots of giggling we got our act together and actually produced some pretty amazing flowers.

CONFESSION: It's not entirely true that we've had NO training. We have had "some" training. Sarah completed the 3rd Wilton's course and Marlene and I have completed the "Watch Sarah and learn" course; because of this we all agreed we should skip the Basic Course and go right into Course 2 - Flowers & Cake Design. This wasn't allowed by Michaels but after begging the teacher she agreed to let us do it. I hope she isn't regretting this decision!

Which is why when our flowers got stuck in the "flower printer cutter thing" (VERY technical term) we all died laughing. Step one. Roll fondant press into "flower printer cutter thing" and take flowers out. Hmm...seems so simple!

Eventually all 3 Stooges were sucessful!

Here's our practice area. That little purple square of fondant & gumpaste was pressed into the purple former beside it to make some really cool looking flowers. (Flowers we decided were too time consuming to include in our final project!)

Next came the Pansies! Marlene laughed at me for making 4 cut outs in case mine messed up. She bragged about how her first one would be perfect and well, it nearly was.

Except she formed it for too long and it cracked and she had to beg me for one of my extras. Another fit of giggles broke out from the back row. Her 2nd Pansy WAS perfect though.

Sarah was actually able to make a few of each flower to keep for her final. I think she's got her cake picked out already! Luckily one of us has our act together!

Here are some of our "work in progress" flowers!

Yes the picture above is a comparrison of my chewed gum and Marlene's flower petal. I have no idea what the joke was but again I'm sure all 3 of us were laughing our heads off while everyone else worked quietly.

Finally, our pretty flowers! See even with all our laughing and mess ups we were able to show that we belong in the class afterall!

Even our Pansies looked like Pansies!

If we were on the Food Network we'd get bonus points for keeping our work space so clean!

Next week...Royal Icing. (THIS should be interesting)

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