Friday, June 18, 2010

Evelyn Grace

So Ty bought me a new lens and of course I already had big plans for it! I begged my friend Stacy to let me photograph her new baby girl! Marlene let me borrow props and Sarah came with me to help (thank goodness because there is no way to set up a baby and get a good shot when you are a photo-newbie!)

This is not something I will probably pursue, it's just something I enjoy doing (and it is a nice change from photographing cakeballs!) I do however want to take a course! (in my spare time)

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the pics I took. Keep in mind I am no pro and I am VERY open to suggestions! I don't even know what half the settings on my camera are for yet!!

Ok I'll stop writing and let you see them already!

Yes if they look familar to some of you - um... I definitely used your baby pics as inspiration. Like I said I am NO pro! Anyway, hope you enjoyed them! We all had a blast doing them! Thanks to my lighting crew (husbands), costume (diaper) changers, prop & product development (Marlene), Baby setter-upper (Sarah) and Evelyn, Stacy & Craig for being such great subjects to photograph! I HEART BABIES!!

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