Monday, January 10, 2011

Belly Dancing

Yes I realize I have bored you all before with videos of Tabor kicking me and you had to squint to be able to see much of anything, but...the other day as I was getting pummeled by his kicks while I was doing a painting project (I'm sure I'll blog on this later) I decided I'd try to do another video and see if it would show up better this time.

AND... it did!

Sorry that it's a big ole belly shot (my shirt was covered in smeared paint) but it's also easier to see this way. So if you're scared of prego bellies LOOK AWAY! Otherwise, take a look at what a day in the life of Danielle is now like.

This kid does NOT sit still for a second. I do love feeling his little kicks and wiggles, but when my belly morphes in shape for hours upon hours I must admit it gets a little um...annoying. ha! My body has been invaded by an overly energized infant that seems to be practicing his tap dance, football, and tazmanian devil spins at all times.

Does anyone have ANY advice how I get him to sleep BEFORE he even arrives?! I think I am going to start praying now for him to be able to sleep when he arrives! I can already imagine what we have in store for us. Scary as it seems we are ready & so VERY excited!

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