Monday, January 31, 2011

Prayer Request & Update

I'm itchy.

For no known reason I've developed a rash that won't go away. It comes and goes throughout the day and basically keeps me pretty miserable all day long.

I've been banned from being around babies or prego people. I cried.

I had so many plans to see my friends this week and I had a plan to do something with Sarah nearly every day since Gabriel should arrive next week. If I'm not released by this weekend I'll be sitting at home sulking on Super Bowl Sunday all by myself.

Please pray that this is not a virus and that whatever it is it GOES AWAY very soon!

I have 2 more months of being pregnant and my plan was to enjoy these last few days of just Ty & I. The last few days of no diapers and no midnight feedings. I did not plan on being itchy and frustrated and wishing each day would hurry by.

I'm praying it's an allergic reaction and not a virus. We will know for sure in a week. I don't think I can wait that long!

Current Stats
I'm 31 weeks pregnant - I have NINE more to go! (please Tabor make it SIX!)
I've gained 28lbs so far - YIKES! I hope this goes away QUICKLY!
Tabor is about 3.5lbs and is healthy and strong - Praise God!

The TO DO List
-No the nursery is not finished. I'm working on it though! I will really be celebrating on the day it's done! I don't want to think about shopping or what I need after Tabor arrives. I want it all done at least one month before he gets here!
-No we haven't scheduled any classes. Sarah & Richard came over and taught us everything we needed to know. I'm perfectly content with this!
-No we haven't scheduled the hospital tour. Ok ok that one I will get done this week!
-No we don't have a pediatrician. Again, I'll do that this week!

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  1. Just saw this post and had to tell you too feel GREAT about only 28 lbs....I gained 36 with Cape....8 of those in 1 month! Hey it was the holidays! You look great Momma D!!!