Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SEW I'm turning 28!

What's square and big and makes me giddy all over?!

This was probably the most amazing birthday so far! I've been wanting a t-shirt quilt for um...a while now. I had given Ty's mom all my Texas Tech T-shirts and had asked her to see if Mema would make me a quilt with them. Well... I've been bugging her about it lately (A LOT) and she somehow kept it from me that she was working on it.

So while we were in Texas they sang me an early birthday song and she handed me the most amazing T-shirt quilt I've ever seen! Little did I know that a year ago she had taken a class to learn to make one and with the help of Sue (her sister) and Mema they made one for me! It's even more special because all 3 of them had a hand in making it! It means so so so much to me! I teared up and still get super giddy just looking at it! I've shown it off to everyone and it is on display on our couch. I will let everyone LOOK at it but there will be no drinking tea near it and only super special friends will even have access to maybe using it. :-)

Here's a pic of the entire quilt. It's so fun to look at it and remember each time I wore each of the shirts! I LOVE this quilt!!!!

The back of the quilt is beautiful too! It has double T's sewn into it too!

Thank you so much Flo (and Sue & Mema)! This was an amazing present! One I will treasure forever!! THANK YOU! I love you so much!!

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