Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarah's Bebe Shower

January 15th finally came AND it was 80 degrees here in Southern California! It was a perfect day for a Baby Shower!

Here's the Mom-to-be all smiles and ready for the festivities to begin!

The shower was at Rachel's house and it turned out SO beautiful in her backyard! It was a perfect spot and an amazing day!

Here's a pic of the tables that Marlene decorated & centerpieces that Rose made!

I had to sneak in another picture of Sarah's cake with the 2 chefs! :-)

Also, a picture of Pigachoo's bottom. He sat on Gabriel. :-) We filled him with quarters to start off Gabriel's college fund!

The happy mom-to-be in her new glider!

Gabriel & Tabor giving each other high-fives! They do this all the time! It's so cute! (We are dorks - we already know this!)

Sarah with her amazing & wonderful hostesses (minus 2 that couldn't make it Sarah & Lauren!)

Sarah with her cake! (Sorry we're just so proud of it!)

We played the "How many times will the TP go around Sarah's belly game"

Here's the game card:

After everyone made their guess we started wrapping! The answer was 22 times!

Erin with Evelyn and her stylin shades!

We also played the Baby Bottle game:

We had some great volunteers!

We realized halfway through that we forgot to put the sugar into the Kool Aid so apparently it tasted pretty GROSS!

They were still great sports and finished drinking their bottles anyway! Sarah's had a lid on it though so she wasn't able to get much out! :-)

Gabriel we can't wait to meet you! Now hurry up and get here!!!

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