Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

I'm officially 28!

I have a list of milestones that will happen before Tabor arrives (it helps me wait as patiently as possible for his due date) and my birthday was one of them. There aren't many milestones left so Tabor's arrival is just around the corner! By the way since we're talking about birthdays...we are praying for Tabor's to be in 6 weeks. SO if you would like to add that to your list of prayers I would GREATLY appreciate it!

I was completely spoiled with gifts and lots of love this year! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and another wonderful year full of amazing blessings!

I got a new apron & matching recipe box!

It fits & I can prove it!

Sheesh Tabor! There's no way you're coming out as a Newborn size!

My amazing hubby spoiled me with new Pandora charms for my bracelet and took me to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner. I wanted a low-key birthday since it'll be at least another 20 years before I get a quiet dinner with my husband! I'll be turning 48 then! CRAZY!

Mama & Papa Colorado sent us flowers! They said Happy Birthday Danielle & Congrats Ty! What a great week! We celebrated over and over again!

We also got a joint birthday gift from the Colorado's (I think even Tabor's birthday was included in this gift!) It's a new camcorder to catch every one of his memorable "firsts". I'm sure this kid will be a blast to video! We'll post some of our new videos soon! We've already started recording videos for him. He is going to think we are SO COOL! ;-)

And finally I'll end with an updated Belly shot AND take the opportunity to thank Tim & Marlene for the awesome new maternity clothes! As you can see...I've grown a bit so some of my maternity clothes just isn't fitting as well as it did in the beginning! Seriously I've grown out of some of my maternity jeans & shirts! Is that normal!?! Either way I'm so so so grateful for the new clothes! I feel cute again! Thanks Tim & Marlene!! I love you guys!

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