Sunday, January 23, 2011

Showered with blessings in Texas

I can't even begin to describe how blessed we felt this week. Our families got us tickets to fly home since we didn't get to be there over the holidays. Our friends threw us an amazing shower where our friends and family showered Tabor with gifts in preparation for his arrival. AND we were able to spend a good few days with everyone that came from near and far! It was a wonderful weekend!

Here's a pic of all the amazing, wonderful and beautiful hostesses that were responsible for showering our family with blessings!

Christina, Kenley, Kimberly, Monica, Erica & Amber we love you all so much and are incredibly blessed to have you in our lives! A special thanks to Monica for having the shower at her house (even though she has a newborn and 2 other boys to run after everyday!)

Kenley, Erica & I! Thanks to everyone that came back to Lubbock for our shower! It was so fun to be together and to have everyone be a part of this special time in our lives!

Erica you're way too cute to stand by! I still love you though!

Kimberly same as Erica- too stinkin cute to be allowed to stand near a prego woman! Yes the blue bow was on Tabor. It looks like it's attached to Erica & Kimberly instead of Tabor!

Ty came at the end to say thanks to everyone and to help load the car. He also got food & cake which I think he was really happy about!

Christina helping me look as pretty as possible before the shower. Tough to do when I can't hide the big basketball that is Tabor in my belly! Thanks Chris - I LUV U!

My other sisters/mothers/aunts/best friends - they fall in every category!! Ilka & Kuky it really was amazing to see you! I wish you could've stayed longer!

Some of the shower guests enjoying the yummy food!! Stephanie, Michelle & Erin it was SO good to see you girls! I've really missed you!

Flo with Michelle & Stephanie! I love this picture!

Here comes trouble. Fela, my mom, Ilka & Kuky seem to be plotting something. There is never a dull moment around any of these fabulous women!

Brittany holding precious Baby Quin! He was an angel throughout the entire shower. He basically slept through the entire event! He LOVED being held by so many pretty girls!

Grandma RUBY practicing with Baby Quin. Her assistants are Michelle, Sue & Brittany. :-) Looks like she's doing a great job! (note: Some people think she should go by Grandma Fluby - she's not so excited about that name though :-)

Fela & my mom loved playing with Baby Quin also. I think Tabor is getting a bit jealous!

Mema (Ty's grandmother) made us a Minky Baby Quilt! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Mema you are so talented!!

Ty with his Mema!

We love you so much Mema!! We can't wait for Tabor to see all his new blankets! Tabor will be her 15th great grandchild!

Erica getting kicked by Tabor. Tabor you didn't sit still the entire shower! Oh look there's the bow you wore! :-) I'm such a nice mommy!

The happy Grandmas to be! Aren't they the cutest!!

Jonathan & Erin with the soon to be parents. Maybe they will catch the baby bug by being around us all weekend! We love you guys! It was so fun to get to catch up!

Ty & I with our mommas! Ok yes there are a lot of pics but I couldn't narrow them down!

AND a Danielle blog wouldn't be complete without showing off her favorite sweet treat! Oh my gosh these little petit fours were DELICIOUS! I probably ate an entire tier all by myself! They were little bites of heaven! YUM! The pom poms in the back were made by designers E & K. I wanted to pack them in my suitcase they were so cute! (I did pack the Tabor sign which I'll have to take a picture of sometime and post! It's hanging in his nursery right now!)

Oh and finally a pic with Monica! I love you Mon! (By the way I hope I look half as good as you after having Tabor! You are one HOT momma!) Thanks again for opening up your home to us!

Thanks to everyone for helping us prepare for Tabor's arrival! We are so blessed! It was great seeing so much family & so many friends! We can't wait to come back again so Tabor can get to know everyone too!

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  1. several things to say:
    your basketball belly is ADORABLE
    i wish i could have seen you! so sorry i could not make it.
    I'm sure you'll be a hot momma, because you are always hot, especially with the belly!
    love you daniel