Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Months

Happy 5 months Mr. Tabor Nolan

The biggest change is probably the fact that you're eating rice cereal. We mix it with water because mommies milk makes it too watery and formula makes you spit it out. So for now just water.

You've had water from a sippy cup. You love to chew on it or currently try to blow air into it. You LOVE water from our cups though. You tend to wear more than you drink but you still love it.

You learned how to suck your bottom lip, then how to stick your tongue out (thanks Abuiki) at people and a week later how to click your tongue. I didn't mean to teach you this, but you picked up on it and now won't quit doing it. :-)

You can turn lights on and off by either flipping the switch or pulling the cord on the fan. We've got it on video so we'll post it for you.

You wear 3-6 months or 6month clothing. Probably because you now wear cloth diapers! We LOVE your new BumGenius diapers!!

You hold your hand out and turn it from side to side as we sing "La linda manita". We've tried to capture this on video but you do not like to perform for the camera.

You've flown 6 times.

You eat 5 times a day. No more dreamfeed :-( You're schedule is:
8:30 wake & eat
10-12 nap
12 wake & eat
1:30-3:30 nap
3:30 wake & eat
5-6:30 nap
6:30 wake & eat
7:30 bedtime routine
8:00 eat, pray and sleep

(I'm more writing this down for me to remember for your future brother or sister)

You LOVE going on walks in your stroller or being outside. You love leaves and flowers too!

You love to swim & actually kick your feet & move your arms when we pass you back and forth.

Until the day you turned 5 months you were on a roll over strike. This has now ended and you roll to your back non-stop now.

You love your exersaucer and activity gym. You actually love playing alone.

You weigh 14.2lbs and are 25inches long. Currently in the 20th percentile, but the Dr. said not to worry because you are healthy! We'll fatten you up soon enough. ;-)

Tabor we love you so much. Each day we love how you wake up smiling and laughing. That dimple that shows up when you smile can melt my heart. Thanks for being such a wonderful baby boy and God thank you for blessing us with such a happy little guy.

Happy 5 months Tabor!

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