Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hermosa Beach pics

We took a few family pics while we were back in LA. We love Hermosa Beach! These were actually right by our first house there.

No clue why Tabor started making this Benjamin Button face. A week later his trick was sticking out his tongue. A week after that he clicks his tongue. How does he learn these things so fast?!

Father and son. Tabor was getting tired at this point but I still thought this picture was cute.

The little Touchstone fam. Tabor was probably looking at Sarah, Richard or Gabriel rather than the camera.

Ok so see that wave behind us... it was much bigger than we thought! As you'll see in later pictures below.

We love the beach! Can't wait to go back to visit.

So the wave that you saw earlier ended up soaking us! You can see how high up it hit if you look at Ty's shorts.

Tabor kept looking down to see what the fuss was about. ha!

We couldn't quit laughing. We had to go home and do laundry after our little photo shoot!

Thanks Sarah & Richard for being our photographers and for a fun filled waketime!

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  1. I promise I didn't see the wave. Honestly! Good pictures though.