Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Brother Update

Tabor - 20 months

Babies change so much in their first year of life, but I did not realize just how much they changed from their 1st birthday to their 2nd.

There are a few things that I have to write about because I know every day could be the last time we hear or see it. So before you turn 2 or these cute little quirks are gone I want to make sure I get them into the blog.

You can say your name but you say "Hi Tabor" you can't actually just say "Tabor" we love this.

Your "hi" has never changed since you first learned to say it. It is a cute little high pitched "hi" and you can be mad or upset or tired but if we ask you to say hi you say it in your sweet little "hi" voice way.

You used to say "leche" which means milk but for some unknown reason you changed it to "caca". Yes that means poop in Spanish. We have tried and tried to get you to change this, but you refuse.

You call your buddy Quin "Qua". Recently you have started calling him "Quin" so we may never hear "Qua" again.

You said your first long sentence on 12/8/12 we were at a birthday party and you turned to us and said "I want balloon please" ok it sounded more like "I want boon peeese" we were shocked!

Now you say "I want ball peese" or "I want... peese" so crazy!

You know how to spell your name and can recognize each letter of your name. You also know the letter M now too.

Everywhere we go if you see the letter T you let us know. It's like a T alarm. Especially if it is a Texas Tech double T.

You love to sing. Your favorite songs are "Abcd" (which you say over and over), "Jesus loves me" which you sing by shouting "Jesus" as loud as possible as you strum your guitar; you love "Frosty the Snowman" and you sing "thumpety thump thump" over and over - AND if we aren't singing or clapping along with you we get called out until we join in. You also love "Little Drummer Boy" of course - your favorite part is "pa rum pa pum pum". See a trend?! You LOVE to repeat noises.

You listen carefully and repeat any sound you hear. Sirens, people sneezing, coughing, Titus' crying, beeps or cars honking, cars driving, and geese flying. (to name a few)

If someone sneezes anywhere near you - you loudly exclaim "Achoo" it's funny.

You used to say "thank you" when people gave you things, etc. but because we always said "welcome" afterwards you decided we were correcting you and now instead of thank you - you say "welcome" 
You still say "yea" to everything. Even to "Tabor do you want a spanking?" - "yea"

You are finally wearing size 4 diapers

You still sleep 8:30-8:30 and you still take 2 naps. 11-12 and 3-5:30. You love your sleep and do not do well without it.

ALL your molars AND incisors are coming in at the exact same time. You bite your hand when you get frustrated with the pain. We can't blame you but that can't feel any better.

You LOVE to watch Baby Einstein. You BEG to watch "einstein". We may get you an Einstein poster for your room. ha!

You LOVE stuffed animals. Any and all of them. You fill your arms with them and take them everywhere. We have to make you leave them when we go places and each one gets a kiss and a pat on the back (and they usually burp after you pat them like Titus does). As I write this you have "cow", "ooh ooh ooh ahh ahh ahh", "elf" and "bigsby" in your arms.

You still love to pray. The other day you were in your chair ready to eat and dad was getting a drink and you loudly said "Let's pray Papa". It was too cute and your "amen" is very enthusiastic and Texan sounding.

You love the MOON (you always search for "luna"), you love throwing balls OVER couches and you have GREAT aim (too great), you love flushing toilets (and watching the water "go down da hole"), you do not like snow (you are like your mama and don't like to be cold), you love your little brother Titus, you love sitting with Mama & Titus on the footrest of the recliner and you have moved on from loving pumpkins aka "cunkins" to loving Christmas lights aka "loosheez" (luces in Spanish).

You tell everyone you love "amo" and have added it to many of your friends vocabulary along with "agua", "besos" and "luna".

Tabor you are such a fun ball of energy and have such a strong little personality. We love seeing what you learn each day and we love making you laugh and watching you dance around. You are such a joy to have in our family and we thank God everyday for sending us such a precious little boy to love and teach His ways to. Tabor te amo!

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  1. he's getting way too big, but I love this little man SO SO much. he's a great spanish tutor. i love that quin has a couple espanol words in his vocab....amo and luna. must work on more =)