Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The weather has been pretty warm this winter so it did not seem to feel like Christmas until the day was nearly here. Our friend Chuck talked to my parents and let him know he would be in Kingsgate with his miniature horses giving sleigh rides. So we went to visit and took the boys.

Tabor & Kiki loved petting the miniature horses.

Tabor wanted to take the horses home. He loved them!

Probably because they were just his size.

Chuck took us for a ride around Kingsgate and we had a great time!

Boo and Titus stayed behind to watch us. (well actually Titus slept)

Tabor loved every second and did not want to say goodbye!

Thanks Chuck for a fantastic afternoon. We loved it and cannot wait for next year!

I couldn't resist taking these pictures. Tabor was so cute trying to open the door to Banana Republic.

I worked here for so many years but we never had such a cute little model before.

Such a fun day! We were ready for Christmas now.

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