Sunday, December 23, 2012

Colorado Christmas

We had Christmas early with the Colorado family. It was so much fun. We woke up in our pj's and opened our stockings and presents! The boys had matching reindeer pajamas (I couldn't resist!) 

Titus looks like he LOVES being held by Big Brother while wearing a reindeer hat and shoes. ha! Love these little boys so much! Christmas sure is extra magical with them around!

Tabor had a blast opening his stocking. He couldn't believe things kept coming out of it.

Titus got a new sock monkey stocking this year to match his nursery bedding. So fun! All that was inside were new pacifiers. He was THRILLED! ;-)

Ty got his favorite kinds of cookies. McVities oh how we love you!

Tabor received more wind up toys than his little hands could hold.

Boo hit the jackpot in her stocking! Giftcards & socks!

Tabor had fun ripping his presents open. That may have been his favorite part.

Kiki showed us all his artistic abilities on Tabor's new toy. We were all impressed with his Elf!

Tabor's present from us was a new "B. Woofer" guitar which we all hide from now because there is a designated dance floor where the guitar sits ready for a daily dance session. (and everyone around is REQUIRED to dance!) Tabor you are so much fun and such a little musician!

Ty got a new much needed shirt! yay!

And again here is our little rockstar in action. Tabor you definitely made the day memorable!

We ate our traditional egg casserole even after the oven died that morning - great thinking Boo baking it in a small pan so we could finish cooking it in the toaster oven! We stayed in our pj's most of the day while playing with new blocks, putting together the kids activity table, playing with the new choo choo track and dancing to Tabor's guitar. So blessed!

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