Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Nona!

We had such a great Christmas with Nona! Santa brought us matching pajamas on Christmas Eve so we all woke up looking super cute. Even Tabor & Titus matched with us. Tabor loved his "cool shoes" pajamas and Titus well...he mostly slept.

It was so much fun getting to be all together this year! Thanks to the snow we actually stayed in our cute pajamas for most of the day. It was awesome!

Mama and her babies. Love these little guys. Titus we hope you enjoyed your first Christmas!

Tabor loved opening presents, searching for Elf, kissing his favorite ornaments (a hippo & an owl) and playing with his aunt, uncles and Nona!

Our little family loving Christmas Day!

Opening presents wore Tanner out. Zzz Oh wait this is before we opened presents.

This was after opening presents. So sweet!

Trey waiting to dig into his stocking! Trey has the BEST stocking...

No clue what is going on here.

We had fun opening our stockings. Tabor especially loved his yogurt snacks!

Nona had a blast watching everyone dig in!

Kelli loved her goodies!

Tanner too!

I think Tabor & Titus loved them the most (well Mom & Dad did for sure!) We were so blessed by our families. Thanks to everyone for making it such a special Christmas!

Nona and her Titus' First Christmas ornament! They finally came in!

Even Hank (or "Unk") loved Christmas!

Tabor got a new drum set. Now we just need a sound proof room!!

Tanner & Kelli with a new ornament!

Titus loving his first Christmas and cuddling with Nona!

Secret Santa gift which was later used to make the most amazing Eggs Benedict! YUM!

Mema made it over from Dimmitt the next day once the snow cleared and surprised us all with new aprons. I LOVE aprons! I'd love to have a different one for every day of the year! I love them that much and this one is even more special!! Thanks Mema!!!

We had such a blessed white Christmas! It was nice to get to relax with family. I love Christmas!

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