Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas with Kapi

LOVE this group shot we got! Thank goodness Keith & Kayla were around! Thanks to our awesome photographers!

We had such a blast celebrating Christmas with Kapi! We opened gifts and had a delicious dinner together and then stayed up all night playing games! It was awesome!! Ty & Kapi even got to check out the new theater that just opened and we ate Cajun food the next day. It was so yummy! Tabor LOVED his spicy dish- crazy kid!

Kapi had a name frame made for each of us and they were all specific to each person. They are AMAZING! I have wanted one of these for years!! So excited about this!

The boys got helicopters which Tabor calls "avion" (airplane in spanish) and we MUST fly it everyday or Tabor gives us a long lecture.

Tabor got a sweet new ride that he lets me share with him. He's actually almost figured out how to do it on his own. So soon Mama won't be allowed on anymore :-( He loves it though.

Thanks Kapi for an amazing Christmas! We are ready for a Blokus & Catchphrase rematch!!!

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  1. That looks SO fun! Will Tabor share with Aunt Mon?