Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddy in Training

Daddy-to-be-Ty has learned how to change a diaper & swaddle a newborn. Since Tabor was not yet available we improvised.

PLEASE NOTE: My grandmother was the videographer. She has NEVER in her life held a video camera - so the voice in the background is hers and if you understand Spanish it's really funny because she throws in hilarious comments about how she doesn't know how to work a video camera. Either way just knowing she recorded it is special to me and a great video to have!


  1. I love that video. I just want to watch Ty do the real thing. It will be fun watching both of you grow up along with Tabor. You both are going to be awesome parents.
    Love you guys!!

  2. Y'all are too funny! Tabor is a lucky fella! Ty- the tighter the better on the swaddle! Hope he loves the miracle blanket. I do it a little different-I'll have to tell ya! :)