Thursday, March 17, 2011

Showered with blessings in LA

My final milestone has come and gone. It seemed so far away for so long and now all I have to look forward to is Tabor's arrival. It doesn'tseem real!

Speaking of surreal... I have to say God has truly blessed us. We definitely remember getting Tabor's baby registry together and wondering how in the world we were ever going to afford bringing a child into the world. Looking back over the last few months it is so amazing to see how God sent blessing after blessing to make preparing for his arrival possible. From the Texas shower to the Raytheon shower and finally to the LA shower we have truly felt showered with blessings and cannot thank everyone enough for helping us get ready for this new stage in our lives. We owe all the praise to God and we thank each and every one of you for your love and support.

Now I'm sure you're ready to see pictures from our last shower. Keep in mind these ladies are available for hire! :-) Really they are!

The theme behind the shower began with Blue Rocking horses and they took it from there! Different shades of beautiful blues mixed with white. Here's the scene that took my breath away when I walked in.

The backyard was tented and blue pom poms hung from the top (thanks to the men that worked hard to hang these the night before!)

This is one of my favorite pictures! You can see the pom poms over the table and the rocking horses among the beautiful flowers!

When you first walked in this was the table that each guest stopped at first. I've read all our blessings now and managed not to cry too much. I can't wait to put these all in his baby book!

Here's a closeup of the "Building Blocks" station!

Each place setting had sweet personalized lolipops. These made me feel so special! My name was on them!!

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with making Diaper cakes! Well I got my very own! Thanks to all the hands that went into making this!! We love it!

It went on a table with a rocking horse and baby pictures of Ty and I - the frame even had rocking horses on them!

I love seeing Tabor's name! It makes it more real!!

The hanging onesies were for a craft/contest but they were so so cute as the focal point beforehand.

Now for the SUGAR! YUM!! I love sweets! There were baby cookies, cupcakes with rocking horses on top, delicious guava & cheese pastries and finally a Sarah-specialty cake complete with a rocking horse!

It was all so pretty and delicious! The chocolate cupcakes with the rocking horses were so yummy and so were the cookies!

It was hard to pick a favorite! Ok no - even though guava/cheese pastries are my all-time favorite thing to eat the cake was amazing. Sarah made a cinnamon swirl cake that caused everyone to lick their fingers and plates.

The start to the party though wasn't cake it was the new up and coming drink. Danielle's Pregatini! Each drink was equally as delicious!

I couldn't believe each drink even had a little rocking horse tied to it.

The bowl of hershey kisses with little "It's A Boy" tags were by another rocking horse with the dessert plates & napkins. I love the little rocking horses!

One of the games we played was a guessing game where each guest tried to guess how many bottle nipples were in the jar. Any ideas?! The answer is below...

138. Yep looks can be deceiving!!

The centerpieces were made by Rose. She's the most talented Event Planner & Florist I've ever met! There's nothing she can't do! Her and Marlene should go into business together!!

There was a table filled with markers & paint for the onesies along with instructions. (Thanks Monica for the cute onesie instructions) I'm not very good at Photoshop yet, so I improvised this pic a bit!

Oh pretty! I love the pics of the table!

Here's a few pics of our amazing friends & family!

My cousin Shelly and my beautiful grandmother Mami who came all the way from Florida! Like I said a weekend of blessings! I can't believe they came all this way to be with us!!

Wendy & Nina - my Trifecta buddies! I could not have survived school in LA without these girls. I'm so blessed that we've all stayed so close! I love these girls so much even though it's tough to meet up since we live about an hour from each other- It was awesome to get to spend some time together at the shower!

Tran! This woman is someone I admire and look up to so much! I love you Tran. Her love for God comes out of every pore and His light shines brightly through her.

Veronica one of our Brides to be! We can't wait to share in this next stage of her life! Thanks Veronica for sharing in ours! We love you and Jordan so much! Thanks for helping host our shower! 

Rachel & Stacy the girls that spiked the water with "baby fever". Their babies are so cute that if you aren't ready to become a parent you should stay away! :-) Thanks girls for helping host our shower! You girls are awesome!

These cookies were on my place setting. I love cookies. Tabor is going to have such a sweet tooth- oops!

The food table before everyone dug in. I must admit I dug in again AFTER the shower too!

Delicious salads! Thanks Stacy & Rachel!

Tabor and one of his soon to be favorite sandwhiches - Media Noches. Translated to "Midnight Sandwiches" - these are so delicious and came from my favorite restaurant Portos! YUM! My mouth is watering again!

More Portos Cuban specialties! YUMMY!!!

Marlene and I. I hadn't seen pictures of my belly until now - wow Tabor seriously it's time to COME OUT!

Pregatini pic with us girls in the background!

I love this picture! Tabor and everyone showing him love!

Me and new mommy Sarah with the amazing cake! This girl is AMAZINGLY talented! She made this cake while taking care of a newborn! And yes she just gave birth and already looks that amazing! I can't help being jealous! I love you so much Sarah!!

Me with Marlene! The hostess with the mostess. Seriously she is so creative and amazing!! I loved everything she did!! She's got a special gift for parties! 

Veronica holding Baby Gabriel and my Mami in the background!

Karen & Levi! These are the newest babies that have been added recently! Tabor is lucky to have so many friends already waiting to meet him!

I love this pic! Gran & Beatrice! How cute are they! Gran had Gabriel in her arms the rest of the time. She was practicing for when Tabor arrives! Gabe didn't make a peep the entire time so she's a pro already!

A pic of everyne sitting at the table!

More cupcakes! Yum!

Tran made Tabor a complete outfit and a matching scarf for me! How sweet and amazing is that?! Thanks Tran!!

 Pregatinis & Lolipops!

The onesie directions. Ready to see what everyone painted?!

May aunt Agie painting her onesie! Hers was so cute!

Even my sweet little Mami painted one!

The guest judge showed up in time to choose his favorite onesies! He picked the Dinosaur as his first choice. Go figure! Boys will be boys!

Someone spoke right to the judges heart with this onesie! Karen was winner #2! 

 Sarah's onesie said "Gabe is my Friend" so Shelly made one for Gabriel that says "Tabor is my Friend" I can't wait to see these 2 little guys wearing their shirts together! 

Ty helped me open presents. It was nice getting to enjoy Tabor's new stuff together! Heidi wrapped the gift below! She made the card herself! It was precious!

Tia Leney gave him this beach set! How sweet is this!! We can't wait to dress him up for the beach! I'm sure it'll be his Mommy & Daddy making sandcastles this year. We'll be teaching him how to do it by next summer! 

Yay for Baby Wipes!! Lots of them! Now we're really ready for Baby Tabor to arrive!

Our amazing hostesses gave us Tabor's new stroller! Seriously we are so blessed! Thank you girls! We love you!!!

Aww a happy Daddy to be!

Tabor can be bathed now & his bottles can be washed! This is all in his nursery now!

Tia Leney & Tio Timoteo (Tim & Marlene) got Tabor the sweetest little outfits! He is going to be such a little stud! We LOVED ALL of it!!

These outfits are so squishy and soft! I can't believe Tabor will be wearing these soon!!! It's hard to fathom! I love how Marlene put these all in order by size! It was so much fun!!

My amazing hostesses! I love all of these women so much! We can't thank you enough for everything you did to make this day so special for us. We are so incredibly blessed by each and every one of you!

Shelly & Agie! I love my cousin & aunt! We had so much fun having them in town!!

We had a blast with PeePaw & Gran! PeePaw had lunch with Ty during the shower and then spent the afternoon playing Frisbee Golf with the guys while Gran came to the shower with me to celebrate sweet Tabor! They spoiled him with cute "Tabor" onesies that you'll soon see Tabor wearing, cute cloth & pacifier holder sets, awesome outfits and his new monitor and dresser too! This kid has awesome Great Grandparents that love him so much! What a lucky little boy! He's got so much love!

Mommy & Daddy to be! We are so excited!

Aunt d holding precious Gabe! Yes ok more like supporting him on my basketball belly! Tabor loves to kick his little buddy!

A family pic! Tabor you are a very loved little man!

4 generations! My grandma, my mom, me and soon little Tabe!

We had so much fun with everyone!

Mami, Shelly and I! Mami even matched the shower colors! :-)

Tim & Marlene - Wow where do we even begin to thank you guys for everything you did for our shower! It was all so amazing! We felt so incredibly blessed and loved. Thank you for opening up your home to everyone, for showering Tabor with gifts and love and for being such strong role models for us to look up to! We love you both so very very much!


  1. Wow! That's amazing. Talk about detail!!! Sounds like a magical shower and baby T is Sooooo ready now! Counting down the days/hours/minutes until his arrival!!!!

  2. Loved every picture and every comment. I am so glad we were able to be part of it. I can't wait to see Tabor!
    Love you all!!