Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Luck Tabor

So with our new video camera we've been making Good Luck Tabor videos (For any of you Disney Channel fans out there you understand the concept) Otherwise, there's a show on Disney called Good Luck Charlie and it's about a little baby girl who's big sister records each day of her life (Charlie's life) showing her how crazy her family is and always ends the video by saying "Good Luck Charlie"

Anyway, we've been making videos for Tabor randomly and we always end them by saying "Good Luck Tabor"

Until we learn to edit them and make them more exciting you get to see the long borring unedited versions. They are pretty funny though.

The first one is of Ty doing P90X yoga months after not working out at ALL! He's now in MUCH better shape but ha! I had to catch him when he wasn't. He's going to hurt me for posting this.

I'll follow it up with a video of me painting Tabor's room in the Darth Vader mask Ty made me wear and also dressed in Ty's old ugly clothes. I don't know which blooper video is more embarrasing!!!

AND finally... the revealing of his nursery. It has already changed a lot since this video so we'll have to record another one when he arrives, but it's fun to see the difference between the painting mess video and the revealing room video. Enjoy!


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  1. I love these videos! Good luck Tabor! Liam will help you out if you need it!