Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3 of Family Weekend

I don't have all the pics from the weekend my family came to visit but I'm determined to get these blogged eventually so we'll start with Sunday Day 3. The shower was Day 2 - so I'll eventually blog about Day 1 and Day 4 once I get the pics!

Sunday we went to for a walk in Palos Verdes. We stopped at the Glass Church that we love to take visitors to. They loved it.

Shelly & Mami in the church.

Ty & Mami in front of the church.

Cute Shelly up in a tree!

My mom trying to recreate Shelly's cute picture. I should've put the pics of everyone shoving her up the tree on here. ha!

All the girls! Thanks Ty! I wish the day had been clearer because the ocean is definitely behind us!

The proud soon to be parents.

Month 8 of pregnancy and this is what I look like. Only 1 more month to go at this point!

Tabor seriously we can't wait until you arrive!! See how much everyone already loves you!?

Can't get enough belly shots! I love that Mami's hand is in this one!

The jumpers. I was getting so jealous because I couldn't jump!

Shelly trying to jump higher than Ty. Seriously ocean is definitely behind them. Too bad it just looks white!

 Look carefully and you can see water! These 2 were so funny!

It took at least 75 tries to get these pictures. 74 of them Agie was on the ground.

BUT we finaly managed to time it correctly and the last pic they were all in the air!

Mami and I didn't bother trying to jump! We preferred being on both feet!

We visited the Terrenea Resort. We love this place. Someday we'll buy a villa here!

Aww... aren't we cute. We got yogurt after this and then took my mom to the airport. I was sad, but at least I know I'll see her again in a few weeks!!

I love having family over! I can't have enough family time!!!


  1. oh danielle! we are here only a few mounth ago... tabor was little... now you and ty are ready to be parents! we miss you much guys

  2. I love my jumping picture; I don't know why I could not do it like everyone else though. Hey, this was the first time EVER I got to jump on a picture :-)
    Loved them all!