Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 1 & 2 of Family Weekend

Day 1 of family visitors.

It was Agie's birthday so we headed to the beach for breakfast at...you guessed it...Martha's!

It was a beautiful sunny day! We couldn't have asked for better weather!!

We ate all kinds of things from stuffed french toast to omelettes!

Then the B-day girl opened gifts!

Which one was she most excited about?!

Getting to go to the Dr. Phil show of course! Where we ended up sitting beside (technically directly behind) Robin (Dr. Phil's wife) and she even talked to us. Well ME first. She asked when I was due, etc. then of course she talked with Shelly & Agie. Her groupies!

After breakfast we went and played on the beach!

Even Mami got to play! She loved the swings!

Tabor felt left out so I put him in a swing too! ha!

Boys will be boys...Ty picked up Mami's cane and turned it into a rifle.

Shelly only THOUGHT she could stick her belly out! Ha! I totally won that contest!

Even Ty tried to stick out his belly. Sorry guys - mine is the biggest!

What a beautiful day! We headed off to the salon and got mani-pedi's after playing in the sand!

4 generations of LOVE!

All the girls. Happy to be at the beach!

We ended our afternoon a Manhattan Creamery. I'm trying to be skinny & Shelly's trying to be puffy. Hmm... how come I STILL look bigger than her?! ha!

The birthday dinner celebration was at Mucho's Mexican restaurant. Our FAVORITE restaurant in Manhattan Beach. We were treated like royalty. SERIOUSLY! We waited for our table so long (even with a reservation) that they gave us complimentary margaritas, appetizers and desserts (multiple desserts). It was an amazing celebration! Thanks for being born Agie! Nevermind...thanks for having her Mami!

Contributing to minors. Shhh... It was only a sip and she was supervised. Besides she was asleep within 30min of her margarita ha!

Mami and 2 of her daughters! What an amazing surprise to have them all here together!

The morning of the shower the 3 stooges went off to the beach for a walk... (Agie fit right in wearing her workout beach hot mom gear)

And Miss Shelly well...we created a monster. A little tea-sipping monster. She couldn't get enough black tea with milk & sugar. Our very own little Brit. Beware of the Touchstones they'll turn you into a tea drinker!

Then it was off to the shower! (Literally)

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  1. Yes, and little Miss Shelly now uses all my mugs; my wash load has tripled, you 2 are to blame :-)